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Norfolk Island Information you need to know!
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Norfolk Island Accommodation We are able to offer over 60 different properties for your holiday enjoyment. Please note that you must have your accommodation pre-booked before you arrive on Norfolk. You will not be permitted through Norfolk Customs without your accommodation arranged. Please see our accommodation listings from the Menu at left. All accommodation is graded annually by the AAA Tourism (the combined service of the state motoring bodies i.e. NRMA, RACQ, RACV etc).
Norfolk enjoys a Subtropical temperate climate all year round. Max temperature in Summer is 28deg with a minimum at night in winter of 12deg.  Summer temperatures during days are 24-28deg, nights 19-21deg. Winter temperatures during the days are 18-22deg and nights 12-18deg. Norfolk has an average rainfall of 1300mm per annum. For more information on Norfolks weather please use the  Time / Weather  link from the Menu at left.

Norfolk has direct dial access to and from the rest of the world. Many Accommodation establishments have IDD available from your room. 24hour Coin and Norfolk Card phones are available (only accept Norfolk Island phone cards). Facsimile and internet facilities are available on the island. A GSM Mobile/Cellular network is available, you can roam from overseas.

 Customs & Quarantine
Imports of fruit, vegetables, flowers and seeds are prohibited. Pork and poultry from New Zealand are also prohibited. The duty-free allowance is 2.25 litre of alcohol and 250 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco products per adult. Please click here to open Norfolk Island Customs website for further information or for contact details.
 Departure Fees
The Norfolk Island departure fee is now included in the airfare and therefore is included in your holiday package. The Australian Departure fee does not apply to persons traveling to Norfolk Island.
Norfolk Island DiningThere are more than 20 restaurants and 15 cafes along with a number of  clubs on the island offering casual, buffet, a la carte and fine dining. Many of the tours offer meals as part of the tours for something different. Most accommodation is self contained and you have the opportunity of dining out or looking after yourself at home.
Casual clothing is suitable on Norfolk. A jumper and wind jacket are appropriate if out and about. You should pack a good pair of walking shoes, and a Torch as there are few street lights at night. A Hat and Sunscreen are essential as in Norfolks clean air the Sun is not filtered by pollution.
Norfolks power is diesel generated and is 240V 50Hz the same as Australia and New Zealand with the same plug.

Regular Jet services operate from Brisbane and Sydney (with through connections available from most other airport). See Flights - (Getting here) from the Menu at left. Airfares are generally cheaper if included as part of a holiday package including accommodation.

 Getting Around
Norfolk Island Car Rental Norfolk has no public transport, however rental cars are relatively in-expensive, Taxis are available and many organised tours are available. A current licence, valid for a motor car in your country of residence is all that is required. Rental car operators usually require either a credit card or Cash deposit to be provided when you collect your vehicle as security.
Norfolk island has a 21 bed hospital and pharmacy. Medicare does  extend to Norfolk Island, however Travel Insurance is strongly recommended. Please talk to your travel consultant to arrange travel insurance.
Visitors are granted an automatic 30 day visitors visa upon arrival. Persons travelling on other than an Australian or New Zealand Passport will require a valid Australian re-entry visa. Please confirm with your consultant if this applies. Norfolk Island Getaways are able to issue a Visa for entry to Australia and Norfolk Island in the form of ETA (Electronic Travel Authorities) for persons coming from outside Australia.
English is the language used on Norfolk. However "Norfolk" or "Pitcairn" language is spoken by the locals and is a pigeon English derived from the old English of the Bounty Mutineers and the Tahitian of their wives.
 Liquor, Cigarettes & Tobacco
Liquor is available from the Government Bond Store, most clubs, hotels and restaurants are licensed. A 30% discount is available on 3 litres of Spirits or liquors per adult upon presentation of your ticket and passport (this discounted alcohol may be consumed on Norfolk or taken home with you). Alcohol is generally cheaper than mainland duty free prices. Cigarettes & Tobacco are cheaper retail on Norfolk Island than Australia and New Zealand (about 75% of mainland prices). You can also pre-purchase Very low duty cigarettes & tobacco at the "Low Duty Cigarette Shop" in Burnt Pine, which you then collect in the departure lounge prior to boarding your aircraft. These Low duty purchases are cheaper than mainland duty free prices.
Norfolk Island Location Norfolk is 1450km east of Brisbane (2hrs 15min flying), 1600km east of Sydney (2hrs 45min flying), 2000km North East of Melbourne (3hrs 45min flying) and 1050km north-west of Auckland (1hr 45min flying). Norfolk Island is 5km x 8km and of volcanic origin. The small uninhabited islands of Philip and Nepean islands lie 1km and 6km to the South of Norfolk respectively.
Norfolk uses Australian Dollars. Full online branches of the Westpac and Commonwealth banks are located on the Island. The Commonwealth Bank has an Automatic Teller Machine. Visa, Mastercard, Travellers cheques and Australian EFTPOS are available in most establishments on the island. Amex and Diners cards can be used at some establishments.
Norfolk Island People Norfolk has a resident population of approx 1800 with many tracing their heritage to the Bounty Mutineers, the Pitcairners along with those that have come to the island from Australia and New Zealand. Up to 1000 visitors are accommodated on the island during peak times.
 Radio & Television
Norfolks local station broadcasts on both AM and FM, along with satellite relay broadcasts in FM of ABC regional, ABC fine music both from NSW and FM radio from Western Australia. Norfolk receives television from Sydney ABC and SBS along with Queensland regional Central 7 and Imparja 9 network via Satellite. TVNI the local TV station broadcasts tourist information on Norfolk.
Norfolk has many goods available at "Better than Duty Free" prices. Most shops are open 9am - 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 9am - 12md Wednesday and Saturday. Some also open Sunday and longer hours. A range of quality products from around the world are available on Norfolk Island, Items which are especially good value include Good Quality Clothing & Footwear, Fine Ceramics & Porcelain, Figurines & Glassware, Diamonds & Jewelry, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Knives & Kitchenware, Toys & Lego, Fishing gear & Tools. The main Supermarket (Foodland) is open to 6pm seven days a week, with convenience stores Sims Supermarket/Marks Bakery (open until extended hours daily) and Paw Paws pump shed (7am-9pm daily).
 Time Difference
Norfolk Island has its own time zone (NFT) on the 4th October 2015 Norfolk Island time changed permanently and is now 11:00 ahead of GMT all year round, This is the same time zone as Daylight Saving in New South Wales & Victoria and 1:00 ahead of Eastern Australian Standard Time (Quensland & non DST in NSW & Victoria). To check the current time on Norfolk please use the  Time on Norfolk  link from the  Time/Weather  Menu at left.

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