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Shopping in Fiji Islands

Value Added Tax (VAT) in Fiji: a 12.5% VAT (a VAT or Value added tax is basically the same as GST-Goods & Services Tax) is applicable to the prices of goods and services in Fiji, most advertised prices include the VAT, but you should check to make sure.

Supermarket: Supermarkets are available in most main & regional towns. A good range of products, many sourced from Australia & New Zealand is available.

Shopping: A range of quality products from around the world are available in Fiji, Items which are good value include much of the locally manufactured clothing & Manchester, many of the souvenir type items also represent good value. Duty free items are available from duty free shops operating at the international airports at Nadi & Suva.

Shopping Hours: Most shops are open Monday to Saturday. Some also open Sunday and longer hours.

Money: Fiji uses Fijian Dollars (1 Fijian dollar = 100 Fijian cents) conversion ratio is approx (rates as at 12jun10) $FJD 1.00  =  $AUD 0.58 ,   $FJD 1.00  =  $NZD 0.72,  $FJD 1.00  =  $USD 0.50,  $FJD 1.00  =  Euro 0.41, Full branches of Westpac, ANZ, Colonial, National Bank of Fiji, Bank of Hawaii, Bank of Baroda and Habib banks are located in Fiji. Many of the branches have Automatic Teller Machine which will accept international credit cards. Visa & MasterCard and travelers cheques acceptance are available in most establishments. Amex, Diners & JCB international cards can be used at some establishments. Many stores will also accept foreign currency and foreign currency can be readily exchanged at banks throughout Fiji and most hotel receptions.

Liquor: Liquor is available from most accommodation properties, most clubs, and restaurants are licensed as well as a number of liquor outlets in towns. Kava, which is the local drink is available in many villages and places in Fiji. Alcohol is available from the duty free store at the international airports on departure from Fiji and is generally competitive with mainland duty free prices.

Cigarettes & Tobacco: Cigarettes & Tobacco are typically cheaper retail in Fiji than most mainland prices. You can also purchase duty free cigarettes & tobacco at the duty free store at the international airports on departure from Fiji and is generally very competitive with mainland duty free prices.

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